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Supply of warm meal and providing Muay Thai class to those TSUNIMI victims on May 8th

Chisa Yamane of JPMC has been visiting the shelters to provide the victims ward food and what they need, this time former WBC Mauythai Japan Bantam weight Champion, TOMONORI and his team along with chairman of New Japan Kick Boxing Federation, Mr.Saito joined to give kids some Muaythai lessons.

炊き出し+キック教室 in 相川

炊き出し+キック教室 in 相川

炊き出し+キック教室 in 相川

炊き出し+キック教室 in 相川


Although it was short visit, there were moment of laugher on everyone.

Project to introduce “muaythai” to children with Tokyo Communication of the Arts technical college.

JPMC has given project to introduce Muaythai to the children as part of “Educational-industrial cooperation” and worked with students from beginning until the end of project. JPMC was glad to take a role to be a part of “Educational-industrial cooperation” project is to have students work on the theme and process to gain the ability to be useful in the real society after graduating from school. At the same time, by learning on the concept by young people who did not know about Muaythai may well give some input to JPMC’ s activity. The outcome of the project were marvelous much more than we had expected which showed uniqueness. Please read an article by freelance sports writer Sachiyo Fujimoto as below:

“Muaythai game card has been born!?”

Let’s start from serious word. Have you heard of “Educational-industrial cooperation”? It is the educational method, which is very active in the U.S.A., which is the cooperation of school and real organization to learn and to experience the “Real Work Environment” to learn and to gain practice and knowledge to be useful after leaving school.

I had an experience attending to review the ““Educational-industrial cooperation” on January 27th. It took place at “Tokyo Communication Art (TCA) Technical College” Nishikasai, Tokyo. TCA has worked with over 1300 companies and organizations as part of ““Educational-industrial cooperation” and produced many animators, graphic designers and art directors.

“Educational-industrial cooperation “ is what I have experienced, for an example, Starbacks gave the project to design “tumbler to hold coffee”. The students start from research and come up with the concept of the tumbler, which suits image of Starbacks. They give the presentation on designs and the concept to the client. The best design often becomes real product. At the store of Starbacks you could find the tumbler which was designed by TCA’ s student.

For this time, the theme was “To introduce Muaythai to the children”. The mission was to come up with an idea to introduce Muaythai to the children.

There are many well-known companies cooperating with TCA include Sony, Toyotam Namco and Bandai. Chisa Yamane who is the representative of “Japan Professional Muaythai Committee” and the vice-chairman of TCA are old acquaintance. The idea of TCA to give variety of experience to the students and JPMC’s idea to introduce Muaythai to the young people mat and this project came through.


20 of students were divided into 5 groups of which there were many who did not know what Muaythai is especially girls. They started from doing research through internet, watch some Muaythai fights, visited gym during kid’s class, they stepped into profound knowledge of Muaythai. I had visited their final presentation. The presentation took about an hour, some being nervous to give presentation, but all teams presented such wonderful ideas. I was very impressed all through presentation. It was very amazing that young creators in age of 19 to 20 could turn Muaythai into something very pop and easy to understand.


team A Work

Team A focused on junior and high school kids by “ Introducing the fascination of Muaythai through fashion” They designed 12 T-shirts designs and made actual T-shirts. As for marketing purposes, they come up with the idea to do corroborating work with gym wear these T-shirts and get free lesson”.


team B Work

Team B made “POP-UP picture book”. Good man “elephant” beat bad man “alligator”. By watching Elephant dance “Wai-Kru”, The alligator was reformed which reminded as Muaythai version of “Ampan-man”. The picture book even contained how to dance Wai-Kru.

Team C came up with the idea to go around Japan by doing Muaytai event to show real Muaythai.


team C Work


team E Work

The idea of team E was to build facility which contains Muaythai gym for kids and massage and aesthetic salon for the mom which I would like see it being build if I have some financial resources.

The best of all was Team D who designed “Muaythai card game”.


team D Work

I was surprised by the high quality of the cards could be used as regular playing cards which has 52 cards which are “Defensive cards”, “Offensive cards” and “Item cards”. We have actually played along with the rules they designed. Despite the fact that those 5 girls who did not know what mauytahi were, it was very well designed. I was convinced the fact that, they learned through their research that the defense takes good part of Muaythai, defensive cards are higher points than offensive cards. The card also contains “ring doctor” and “referee” which may lead to creating some other rules for playing this game. It could be very famous and will spread very fast if we give this card to the real Muaythai fighters.

“As we are doing the research, we learn about the beauty of Muaythai as well as Muaythai is the martial arts which values respect and defense. We believe Muaythai could be spread widely by some device.” They might never know about Muaythai if they did not take this project. I realized the importance of giving information about existence. These designs are presented at Makuhari Messe for their final presentation, which Muaythai will be introduced to some new people again. (Sachiyo Fujimura 「kakutougi Tsushin – Mobile」

Thank Ms.Fujimura.

JPMC learned a lot from this project and feel the importance of introducing the fascination of Muaythai keenly.

We thank the students and the faculty member at Tokyo Communication of the Arts.

The web site of Tokyo Communication of the Arts:

JPMC will keep contribution to the society and to help introducing the beauty of Muaythai.