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Established in 2001 by the largest sanction body of boxing , WBC(World Boxing Counsel)to sanction world level Muay Thai titles. It was born on

November 22nd, 2001 by the discussion between The majesty of Thailand and Dr.Jose Slaiman, the president of WBC.

It has divided the continents into 5 areas ( East and West Europe, Greater America, Oceania and Asia) applying WBC Rules and Regulations which is based on the Rules and Regulations from Sports Authority if Thailand in 17 weight classes.

Started the World Title match from 2005  
First World Title in Australia (12/10/2005)
Co- Title match with boxing in Mexico (01/21/2006)
Historical Event which held 9 title match in USA (09/08/2007)
First Muaythai Event in Jamaica (06/18/2008)



6 Nov 2010

  • The WBC MUAYTHAI wrapped up its 2010 convention with a unanimous decision to expand its organization structure to include three federations representing the country groupings of Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.
  • Following the organization established by WBC boxing over the past 48 years, which has resulted in 10 active independent WBC federations, the three core federations to be included into the WBC MUAYTHAI will establish rankings within the structure of three federations that would be used by the world ranking committee to establish top 30 rankings in the 19 weight divisions.
  • The expanded structure also includes establishment of country committees to organize and authorize national titles. The national champions would receive priority ranking in their federation and be positioned to contest a prestigious federation championship that would be a main stepping stone to a world title.
  • The reshaping of the organizational structure will see official title belts positioned in a vertical advancement to the world titles.
National Titles
Approved by the country committee
International Titles
Where a national champion from one country challengers a national champion from another country
Federation Titles
Contenders for federation championship will be approve based on each federations official ranking.
Inter-Continental Titles
A federation champion challenges another federation champion for an Inter-Continental title. The winner will be top ranked in the world rankings for mandatory sanctioning for world title contest.
World Titles
Inter-Continental and Federation champions will be given high ranking to challenge top Thai boxers for world titles.

Chairman Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi said the organization of WBC MUAYTHAI had reached the critical time where growth in activities had entered a new phase.

"Over the past five years we have set up an organization that is equipped to take professional Muaythai to a new level of popularity and acceptance on the world stage. We have established rankings and championships in 19 divisions. "

We are blessed to have the WBC in which we can take Muaythai to highest level on the global stage.

"Now we are looking at expanding our structure and we are been asked by those who are actively involved with professional Muaythai to expand regionally with country structures that lead to national titles, international challenge championships, inter-continental titles and world titles."


The following matters have been decided at the WBC Conference which was held in Cheng Du, China in November of 2008.

1) WBC Muaythai will start on Women’s section of WBC Muaythai. Ms.Jill Diamond, also the head of WBC Women’s Boxing, will be the international coordinator of WBC Muaythai.
All the weight classes and Rules will be same as Men’s including elbows.
However, the length of round will be 2 minutes with 2 minutes in between rounds. In case of World Title, it will be OK to change to 3 minutes per round if both fighters and the promoter agree.
There will be ranking as same as Men’s based on information given by each region.

2) There will be 2 minutes between rounds. However, if both fighters and promoter agreed, it will be OK to 1 minute with authorization by WBC Muaythai.

3) The way-cru has to be done for the WBC Title (both World and International Title) fight.

4) International title will be fought between non-thai fighters. However thai fighter living over seas could fight for the International title. It will be OK to fight against each other unless the nationality is different. The International title holder will be ranked 10th .

5) For Ranking, from Mini Fly to Super Fly will reduce the number from 15th to 10th. From Bantam up the number of the ranking will be increased to 20th from 15th. In addition to that, the number of Thai fighter will be reduced to maximum of 5 from Super Light and up.