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Fight resultFight result

Date: February 24th 2019 Place: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Welter Weight Championship
3 min 5 R
T-98 vs YETI Tatsuro ×
3-0 (50-48、50-47、50-47) ※T-98, became new WBC Muayhtai Japan Super Welter Weight Champion.

Both started off by low kicks and punches. T-98 keeps moving forward to put pressure to YETI and YETI fights back by kicking middle kicks. T-98 then clinch and throw knee strikes.

3R, T-98 keeps moving forward while kicking low kicks. YETI tries to use height advantage to stop him by punches and elbow strikes. But got elbow from T-98 which made small cut on his eyelid. 4R, both fights very aggressively with punches, YETI tries to stop T-98 by using middle kicks but T-98 kept coming forward throwing punches to knee strikes. Until the bell finished the fight, T-98 kept throwing punches to knee became the new Champion by winning by the points.

T-98, former Rajadumun Super Welter Weight Champion became new WBC Muayhtai Japan Super Welter Weight Champion. He succeeded in becoming champion in 2 weight division.

Photp:Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Feather Weight Championship
3 min 5 R
Kenshiro Aoi vs Takuma ×
3-0 (47-49、48-50、48-50) ※Kenshiro Aoi became new WBC Muayhtai Japan Super Feather Weight Champion.

Both started by throwing low kicks and punches to see how others fights. Then both started to get more aggressive with low kicks and punches.

Takuma’s body blow captured Aoi several times. Aoi put pressure by kicking middle kicks and punches. Until the end of fight, Aoi kept putting pressure by throwing kicks and punches which made Takuma to slow down.

Aoi became the new champion by points 3-0.

Photp:Yuichiro Suzuki