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Fight resultFight result

June 25th,2017  @Differ Ariake Stadium

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Bantam Weight Title bout
3min 5R
Yukinori Ogasawara
(WBC Muaythai Japan Bantam Weight #1 /Challenger)
vs Hiroya Haga
(WBC Muaythai Japan Super Bantam Weight Champion)
TKO 4R 2’12” ※Stopped by Referee (Cut by elbow)
※Ogasawara became new Champion

1R, Ogasawara comes forward with jabs and to the right middle kicks. Haga fights back with left low and middle kicks. Ogasawara moves forward and push Haga to the corner then Ogasawara’s right cross gets Haga to be knock down.

2R, Haga put pressure by left middle and low kicks. Ogasawara catches Haga’s kicks and continue to punches. Haga put Ogasawara to the corner by left kicks then to clinching to knee strikes.

3R, Ogasawara fights back by combination on punches. Haga grabs Ogasawara then to clinch to knee to left middle kicks.

4R, Ogasawara maintains with coming forward by punches then Haga fights back with left middle kicks to clinching. Ogasawara, several times face his backs when clinching. Ogasawara threw elbow made cut on Haga. After the 1st doctor’s check, Ogasawara stepped in and Ogasawara’s straight elbow captured Haga’s forehead made 2nd cut. After 2nd doctor’s check, referee stopped the fight called it TKO.

Ogasawara became new Champion

(C)Nob Yasumura

WBC Muaythai Japan Bantam Weight Title bout
3min 5R
Masahiko Suzuki
(WBC Muaythai Japan Bantam Weight Champion)
vs Takuma Ota
(WBC Muaythai Japan Rank #1/ Challenger)
Judge 3-0 ※49-47、49-48、49-48
※Suzuki succeeded in his 1st defence

1R, Suzuki comes forward by punches and low kicks. Ota stops Suzuki to come forward by left middle kicks. Suzuki pressured Ota and such him to the corner then punches to left body shot continuing with punches to body shot.

2R, Suzuki again pushes Ota to the corner but this time, Ota fights bac with left middle kicks to stop Suzuki’s punches. Ota gets to clinching t the knee to stop Suzuki’s punch.

3R, Suzuki’s body shots get Ota. Ota then kicks left middle kicks. Towards to the end of round, Suzuki moves forward then threw elbow which made cut on Ota.

4R, Middle kicks to clinching by Ota, maintain to throw many punches by Suzuki.

5R, Suauki maintain to throw many punches, towards to the end of round, Suzuki again pushes Ota to the corner then threw punches until the bell rung.

Score 3-0 Suzuki succeeded in his 1st defend on title.

(C)Nob Yasumura

June 18th , 2017 @ Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan

WBC Muaythai International Feather weight Title bout
3min 5R
(Japan Feather weight Champion)
vs Carlos 7 Muaythai
(Spain/WBC International Feather weight Champion)
KO 2R 2’ 4” ※Cross punch
※MOMOTARO became new Champion

1R、MOMOTARO uses his steps and shows variety of kicks. Carlos fights back with long middle kicks from distance and try to stop MOMOTARO by clinching and to elbow and knee strikes.

2R、MOMOTARO remains to kick various kicks when Carlos goes to clinch again. When they apart from clinching, MOMOTARO’s left cross punch landed straight onto Carlos which made knock out.

MOMOTARO became new Champion for WBC Muaythai International Feather weight

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Welter weight Title bout
3min 5R
(WBC Muaytai Japan Welter Weight Champion)
vs Masashi Aseishi
TKO 4R 1’54” ※Stopped by referee
※ KENTA succeeded in defending his title

1R、started by Aseishi putting pressure to KENTA by low kicks. Kenta fights back with low kicks to punch.

2R Kenta started to come forward by low kicks and punches to elbow strikes.

3R、Kenta captured Aseishi by punches to elbow which made Aseishi to 1st knock down maintain wish punches which made 2nd knock down.

4R、as soon as starts, doctor’s check took place as Aseishi’s face was bleeding. After going back to fight, Kenta, again threw many punches and elbows. The bout was stopped by referee.

※KENTA succeeded in defending his title

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

January 22nd , 2017 @ Diffa Ariake Hall, Tokyo Japan

WBC Muaythai Japan Fly Weight Championship
3min 5R
Yuya Iwanami vs Rose Tasuya ×
Decision 3-0 (50-46, 50-47, 50-46)
※Yuya Iwanami Became new Champion

1R, Both started slowly but from 2R, Iwanami goes aggressively with right low and middle kicks. Rose, who is southpaw, fight back with left middle kick and punches. During 3R, Iwanami’s kicks seems to made some damages on Rose as he loses balance. 4R, Iwanami’s elbow strike made cut on left eyelid. Iwanami remains with elbow strikes. On final round, Rose comes forward as he has not much time left, but Iwanami goes to clinching to elbow again.
Iwanami won by numinous decision of 3-0 became new Champion!