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About JapanProffesionalMuaythaiCommitteAbout Japan Proffesional Muaythai Committe

Principle of Activity

< Purpose >
JPMC support the Japanese fighters to challenge for WBC Muaythai
< Role >
JPMC is the authorized representative of WBC Muaythai in Japan as well as activity for Japanese fighters on WBC Muaythai, which is independent from any promotion as well as promoter.
< Function >
To recommend fighter who is interested in participation on WBC Muaythai fight.
  • Recommend the Japanese fighter to WBC Muaythai fight
  • Recommendation of top level Japanese fighter to the WBC World ranking committee
JPMC send the recommendation of the Japanese fighter to the offer for WBC Muaythai fight.
JPMC send the recommendation of the Japanese fighter based on fight conducted under the WBC Muaythai Rules and Regulations. However, it goes same, in case Japanese fighter fighting in Thailand under the SAT (Sports Authority of Thailand) Rules and Regulations against top ranked Thai fighter or any foreign fighter with equal level.
< Regulation on fight under the WBC Muaythai Rules and Regulation In Japan >
1.Make an announcement that it is the fight with JPMC registered fighters under the Rules and Regulations of WBC Muaythai.
2.All referees and judges must be precipitants of license by JPMC who finished course of WBC Muaythai Rules and Regulation seminar
3.All referees and judges must wear WBC muaythai (JPMC) official uniform.
Signing ceremony1 Signing ceremony2

WBC Muaythai Chairman Pol. General Kovid Bhakdinhumi

Japan Professional Muaythai Committee
Representative  Chisa Yamane