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Fight resultFight result

December 2nd, 2018 Place: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Welter Weight Title Fight
3 min 5 R
YETI Tatsuro vs Masashi YAMATO ×
1R 2’ 13” TKO ※ YETI succeeded in 1st defense

1R, YETI starts off by moving forward by kicks and punches. Cross, left hook to left body shots hit Masashi. At 1’ 52” right cross punch caught Masashi’s face made Masashi to go down. Masashi stood up and showed fighting pose willing to go back in. YETI did not stop punches then right hook punch caught Masashi made him to fall down on his back. Referee stopped the fight, YETI won by TKO succeeded in 1st defense.

Photp:Yuichiro Suzuki

September 22nd 2018 Place: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Bantam Weight Title Fight
3 min 5R
Hiroya Haga vs David Chibana ×
3-0 (50-47/ 49-47/ 50-47) Haga became New Champion

 1R、Chibana started off by coming forward, Haga stop Chibana by left middle and front kick. Chibana fights back with low kick and middle kick.

 2R、Haga who is southpaw continue to kick left middle and front kick using the long reach. Chibana catch Haga’s leg and throw punches. Chibana fights back by low kick.

 3R、Chibana continue to fight with in-low kicks and step in with punches. Haga then grabs Chibana to clinch and to elbow strikes. Chibana struggles.

 4R、Haga continue to use long distance by middle kick and knee strike. Chibana continue with more aggressive move of low kick to body punch which made Haga to slow down.

 5R、Chibana continue to come forward by punches and but Haga catches him to clinch then to knee strikes.

Haga who kept distance and to clinch to stop Chibana became the new Champion.

Photp:Yuichiro Suzuki

Date: April 8th 2018 Place: wondrous city of Tokyo Japan

WBC mini-flyweight world championship
3 min 5 R
Nadaka Eiwa Sports vs Tuantong Singmane ×
3-0 (49-46, 50-45, 50,44) ※Nadaka Eiwa Sports became new World Champion.

Last weekend (Sunday, April 8th) in the wondrous city of Tokyo Japan, a new WBC MuayThai world champion was crowned - when the home favorite outgunned, outflanked and outthought his Thai opponent to win the vacant WBC mini-flyweight (105 lbs, 47.627 kg) world championship title.

The contest took place at Tokyo’s Differ Ariake Arena between Thailand’s Tuantong Singmanee and Japan’s Nadaka EIWA Sports — prior to this contest both of these young men had built up impressive resumes at Bangkok’s elite MuayThai stadiums.

Both combatants weighed in on Saturday under the 105lbs weight limit and the scene was set for the highly anticipated world title contest.

The Fight Itself:

The opening bell rang and it was Thailand’s Tuantong who looked to set the tone for the fight when he launched a thunderous step in elbow — but it was the southpaw Nadaka who really set the contest alight, when he loaded up the big gun and unleashed a ferocious left punch to send Tuantong crashing to the canvas for a referee’s eight count.

Tuantong looked visibly shaken from this point onwards and his Japanese opponent continued to find his rhythm, looking to setup a continuation of well executed shots and yet again caught his Thai foe with a venomous left hand, to once again send Tuangtong to the canvas for his second eight count of the opening round.

As the fight continued into the middle stages of the contest it was Nadakas excellent ring control and at times crisp execution of his lethal knee strikes which helped solidify his claim on the 105lb crown.

There were brief moments when Tuantong found a sense of urgency to chase the much wanted victory, but it was always going to be a case of ‘Too little too late’ for the combatant from Thailand, as the Japanese warrior (who had a dream as a 13-year old kid to win a coveted WBC MuayThai world title) had his hand raised in magnificent triumph, to capture the beautiful green and gold beauty, and in doing so he followed in the footsteps of his hero Saenchai PK Saenchai, in winning an aforementioned WBC belt.

The official judges scorecards: 49-46, 50-45, 50,44

Words By: Kevin P Noone

Photp:Yuichiro Suzuki

Date: February 25th 2018 Place: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan

WBC Muaythai Japan Fly Weight Championship:
3 min 5 R
Yoshiho Tane vs Tatsuya Noto ×
3-0 (50-47/ 50-47/ 50-47) ※Yoshiho Tane became new Champion.

Noto Stars off very aggressively with punches and kicks but Tane is calm watch Noto’s movement which Noto’s punches and kicks do not land on Tane. Tane throws strong middle kicks to maintain distance then come in with knee and to elbow. For all time, Tane was controlling the fight which made Tane to become a new Champion.

Photp:Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Light Weight Title Bout:
3 min 5 R
Syo Ogawa vs NAOKI ×
3-0 (49-46/ 50-47/ 49-47) ※Syo Ogawa succeeded on his 1st defense.

Both started off with punches and kicks from 1st round. 2nd round, Ogawa moves forward and use knee and elbow strikes which made cut on NAOKI. NAOKI fights back with punches. 3rd round, Ogawa try to end the fight with remaining strikes by elbow, NAOKI fights back with elbow which made cut on Ogawa’s forehead. From 4th round, both changes to punches and Ogawa’s knee caught NAOKI several times then remains distance with middle kicks made difficult for NAOKI to land his punches.

Ogawa succeeded on his 1st defense.

Photp:Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Welter Weight Title Bout:
3 min 5 R
YETI Tatsuro vs Takeo Shiraga ×
2-0 (49-49/ 49-48/ 49-48) ※YETI Tatsuro became new Champion.

YETI started moving forward with punches but cannot get Shiraga. From 2nd round, Shiraga moves forward with punches and elbow but YETI fights back with middle kicks. YETI got points on this close match which made YETI to become the new Champion.

Photp:Yuichiro Suzuki


Date: January 14th 2018 Place: Asahi Kumin Hall, Osaka Japan

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Light Weight Championship:
Katsuki Kitano vs Hayato Hatakeyama ×
3-0 (50-48/ 50-48/ 49-47) ※Katsuki Kitano became new Champion.

From the start, Kitano takes distance to keep Hatakeyama, who is puncher away. Kitano seems he is enjoying the fight as he shows smile on his face as he is kicking.

Towards to the end of bout, Hatakeyama finally got his way to get closer as he started to land his punches on Kitano who showed a bit loosing stamina. But the tie was up

Kitano who maintain to fight with middle and front kick became new Champion.

Photo:Keizo Takasaki