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Fight resultFight result

11/15/2015(Sun)Tokyo, Japan・Korakuen Hall

WBC Muaythai International Super Welter Weight Championship
3min 5R
Soichiro Miyakochi
(WBC Muaythai #15 / WBC Muaythai Japan Super Welter Weight Champion)
vs Adyl Khodja
(France / WBCMuaythai #16)
3-0 (49-47、50-47、50-47)
※Soichiro Miyakochi became new Champion。

1R、Both started by kicking then Adil moves forward by punches. Soichiro the kicks low kicks.
2R、Soichiro keep using low kicks when Adil tries to get Soichiro by punches.
3R、Adil looks his leg got some damage from Soichiro’s low kick, Adil tries to keep distance by kicking left middle kicks.
4R、Same as 3R, Soichiro tries from low kick to punches when Adil tries to keep distance by middle kicks
5R、Until the final gong, Soichiro maintain kicking low kick then punches.
The decision went to the score card.
Soichiro won by 3-0 became WBC Muaythai Super Welter International Champion.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai International Light Weight Championship
3min 5R
Keijiro Miyakoshi
(WBC Muaythai #15 / WBC Muaythai Japan Light Weight Champion)
vs Pau Illana
(Spain / WBC Muaythai #16)
KO by Right Cross punch 3R 3’00”
※ Keijiro Miyakoshi became new Champion

1R、Pau started by kicking middle kicks thus Keijiro keeps kicking low kicks.
2R、Pau tries to stop Keijiro’s low kicks by grabbing Keijiro but Keijiro uses his steps the punches Pau. Pau then fights back by punches. Keijiro’s body punch to hook capture Pau.
3R、Keijiro maintain by kicking low kicks which made damage on Pau’s leg. Pau tries to kick high kick to but can not damage Keijiro. At the end of 3R, 10 second left, Keijiro’s right hook landed on Pau made Knock Out win for Keijiro.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Light Weight Title Fight
3min 5R
(WBC Muaythai Japan Super Light Weight Champion )
KO by Left Hook 4R 0’51”
※TEYON succeeded on 1st defense

1R、HACHIMAKI uses jabs and middle kicks to keep distance and not let TEYON come closer. 2R and 3R, TEYON tries to come forward and put pressure by using punches, buy HACHIMAKI remains by using middle kicks to jab and then to cross punches to make TEYON away.
4R、HACHIMAKI maintain same move to control the fight. TEYON came forward to use punches then HACHIMAKI fights back with punches. TEYON’s left hook counter punch landed on HACHIMAKI. TEYON won by KO succeeded on 1st defense.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

09/27/2015 (SUN) @ Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

WBC Muaythai Super Light Weight World Unified Title Match
3min. 5R
Aranchai Kiatpatarapan
vs Tetsuya Yamato
Judge 3-0 ※50-46,50-45,49-47
※Aranchai became unified Champion

1R Towards to the end of first round. Aranchi’s right hook landed on Yamato then Aranchai threw many punches. Aranchai’s left uppercut capture Yamato’s chin which made Yamato to go down on the ground. Aranchai gets even more aggressive with punches and elbow strikes but the gong rung.

2R-4R Yamato moves forward to get points but Aranchai does not let Yamato to get close. Aranchai uses jabs, low and high kicks then front kick to keep Yamato away. Yamato trys to land body punches, but it is not hard enough to leave damage.

5R、Yamato tries to land body punch which Aranchai fights back with high kicks and grabbing the neck followed by knee strike. Aranchai succeeded winning by points.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai International Super Bantam weight Championship
3min. 5R
Keisuke Miyamoto
vs Alexis Baratrau
(France/ #16)
KO 2R 3’04” by body punch
※Miyamoto became new Champion

1R、Alexis Started by kicking left and right middle kicks. Miyamoto kicks Karate kick which gets Alexis to slow down, then Miyamoto use body punch to get Alexis on the ground.

2R、Alexis uses punches to get Miyamoto. Miyamoto threw punch and Karate kick followed by body punches. Alexis gets on the ground for 2nd time. Miyamoto doesn not stop after Alexis stood up, uses body punches to knock him down.
Miyamoto became new Champion by Knock Out.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Feather Weight Title Match
3min. 5R
vs Ayumu Sasara
TKO 5R 1’10”Referee stop by Left elbow cut
※MOMOTARO became new Champion

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Feather Weight Championship
3min. 5R
YUYA(Challenger) vs KOJI(Challenger) ×
Judge 3-0 ※50-47,49-47,49-48
※ YUYA became new Champion

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Bantam Weight Championship
3min. 5R
David Chibana(Challenger) vs Hiroki Maeda(Challenger) ×
Judge 3-0 ※50-49,49-48,49-47
※ David Chibana became new Champion

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

07/20/2015 (SUN) @ Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

WBC Mueythai Super Feather Weight Super Fight
Genji Umeno
Pateng Kiatponthip
vs Petpunchun sor sommai ×
KO 3R 2:13 Upper cut punch

This fight was supposed to Title fight for WBC Muaythai World Super Feather Weight. But, the challenger Petpunchun could not make the weight even at the 2 hours limit to 1.4Kg over weight, Genji succeeded in defending his title on the scale. However, the bout was held as non-title fight.

1R、Both fighters are tall and with long legs and arms, both started with kicks. Petpunchun uses front kick to let Ganji stay away of the reach. But, Genji shorten the distance by low kicks and when he came close, change to punches, However, Petpunchun fights back with left body kick to punch.

2R、As gong rang, Petpunchun jumped and threw elbow. Genji fights back with punches and low kick. In the middle of round, Petpunchun’s knee kicked landed as low blow which stopped the fight for a while. Petpunchun then changed to garbling but Genji swept him away. As Petpunchun forward, Genji’s right upper cut got his jaw which made first knock down. As Petpunchun moves stood up, Genji, again does not stop with punches, and made 2nd knock down.

3R、There is one more knock down left for As Petpunchun, started to get close and hit elbow strikes which cut Genji’s left eyelid. After doctor’s check, Genji came strongly again with punches which made Petpunchun to fall down on the ring for 3rd time. It was time for Knock Out!

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

07/05/2015 (SUN) @ Appla Hall, Osaka, Japan

WBC Mueythai World Super Bantam Weight Championship
Pateng Kiatponthip
(World #3)
vs Kunitaka
(World #10)
KO 3R 0:57 Flying Knee

It was Kunitaka’s 2nd challenge for the World title since 4 years ago took place i Thailand.

1R&2R. Both of them trying to measure the distance and see each other by throwing the low kicks. But, Pateng soon started to clinch and to sweep him. Kunitaka goes forward then throw elbow strikes by Pateng soon clinch his neck which not allow Kunitaka to do any attacks. Pateng then shows many different techniques from kick with knee and to back blow punches. Kunitaka’s body punch landed on Petang.

3R. When Kunitaka threw elbow, Pateng counter threw the elbow which landed on Kunitaka made Kunitaka to slip then Pateng’s flying knee hit Kunitaka’s right side to back, which made Kunitaka go down. Kunitaka, once stood up by the count of 10, but was not able to continue to fight then.

Pateng won by KO became new World Champion!

Photo by Takasaki


05/10/2015 (SUN) @ Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

WBC Mueythai Japan Welter Weight Title Match
Yuya Yamato
TKO 5R1:55 Referee stopped the fight
Yuya Yamto became new champion

1R & 2R. Both trying to see how others will fight by kicking low to middle kicks. In the 2nd round, Yuya’s hooks to body hook landed on KENTA. KENTA fights back with clinching to knee.

3R. KENTA started to clinch and lock Yuya and to elbow which landed on Yuya and knock Yuya down. Then to the punches which made Yuya to go down for 2nd time. In last minute, Yuya fight back with elbow now get KENTA to knock down. Then elbow strike again which made cut on KENTA.

4R. Yuya keeps throwing elbow which made more cut on KENTA. KENTA fights back with punches. On the 5th Round, both kept throwing punches by at 1 min left, KENTA’s cut was making serious bleeding referee stopped the fight.

Yuya became new Champion after loosing the title to T-98 1 year ago.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki