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Fight resultFight result

November 27th , 2016 @ Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan

WBC Muaythai International Welter Weight Championship
3min 5R
Sammon Decker
(Sweden / WBC Muaythai #13)
(WBC Muaythai #12)
Decision 0-3 (48-49 / 48-49 / 47-49)
※Sammon Decker Became new Champion

 1R、Kenta starts the fight by kicking low kicks. Decker uses middle kick to punches. They both seems to be watching each other on this round.
 2R、Kenta maintain kicking low kick as Decker fights with left middle kick to punches, clinching to elbows which both started to use all weapons of Muaythai. Towards to the end of round, Kenta’s right punch caught Decker.
 3R、Kenta again uses combination punches to low kick. Decker kicks left middle kicks. Got aggressive with both fighters with all strikes.
 4R、Remains with aggressive strikes, Decker’s body blow followed after left middle kick got Kenta. Kenta fights back with punches and low kick as Decker puts pressure on Kenta.
 5R、From the start of round, Kenta uses all his power to rush with punches which looked as Kenta was getting Decker at the beginning. 1 minutes left to the end of round, Decker fights back with elbow which made cut on Kenta’s left eyelid. After the doctor’s check, Kenta fights with various punches to catch back, but not much time left to catch up. Decker got the point on 5th round.

Decker became the new International Welter Weight Champion!

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Mauythai Japan Super Feather Weight Title Fight
3min 5R
vs Syoya Suzuki
Decision 2-0 (49-47/49-49/50-47)
※YUYA defended his title for 1st time

1R Both started by low kicks. 2R, Suzuki’s punch captured YUYA then YUYA fought back by low kicks. 3R, They both got more aggressive then the score was split : 30-29/29-30/29-28. 4R, Suzuki’s elbow strikes and punches captured YUYA then YUYA fought back with punches. On Final 5R, Both threw various punches then YUYA’s elbow struck Suzuki made cut on forehead then on eyelid. They both fought very aggressively until the bell rung went to the judges of 49-47/49-49/50-47. YUYA succeeded in defending his title for 1st time.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Light Weight Championship
3min 5R
Syo Ogawa vs Yuya Kai ×
5R 2'59" TKO (Referee stopped the fight : Punches)
※Sho Ogawa became new Champion

1R、2R Both started by low kicks and then got more aggressive as round goes. 3R, Both fought with elbow which made cut on Kai’s left eyelid. 4R, Doctor checked on Kai but fight continued as Ogawa did not stop throwing punches. On 5R, Kai was down by Ogawa’s punch then Ogawa kept going as referee stopped the fight at 1 second before the fight end… Ogawa became new Champion by TKO.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Bantam Weight Championship
3min 5R
Masahiko Suzuki vs Takaaki Hayashi ×
1R 2'15" KO (Left hook)
※Suzuki became the new Champion

Hayashi uses his reach to start then used his knee and elbows. Suzuki gets close then started to fight back with punches. Suzuki pushed Hayashi to the corner and threw right hook as counter punch made Hayashi to drop down. After Hayashi stood up, Suzuki continued with punches and Hayashi went down for the 2nd time which made KO wins by Suzuki made new Champion.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

September 25th @ Shinjyuku Face

WBC Muaythai Super Light Weight Championship
3min 5R
Yuto Yamaguchi vs Hachimaki ×
TKO 4R 2’04”
Yamaguchi Became new Champion

From the 1R, Hachimaki takes to clinch to knee strikes to stop Yamaguchi’s punches. Hachimaki takes the lead.
4R, Yamagchi’s pinch and elbow started to catch Hachimaki and made nose bleeding. Elbow cut Machimaki then nose bleeding got heavy, referee stopped the fight.


WBC Muaythai World Super Feather Weight Title Fight
Genji Umeno
(WBC Muaythai Super Feather Weight Champion)
vs Keith McLachlan
(Scott Land / WBC Muaythai International Champion)
KO 2R 0’34”※Stopped by Referee
※ Umeno Succeeded in his 2nd defense

1R、Umeno gives pressure from the beginning by coming forward. Umeno throws low and middle kicks to see the distance, Keith catches Umeno’s leg and trying to throw punches. Keith throws elbow when clinching but Umeno’s knee catches Keith. Keith try to throw punches but Umeno’s cross punch caught Keith at the end of the round.

2R、From the beginning, Umeno gives more pressure ready to finish the fight. Right cross caught Keith which made Keith to go back by the rope. Umeno then throws non stop attacks such as body to upper punches to elbows to knees which Keith is barely saves by the rope. Then Referee started to count. After the 10 counts, refers sees that Keith is not able to continue then referee calls Knock Out win by Umeno.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

Date: July 23rd, 2016
Venue: Differ Ariake, Tokyo Japan

WBC Muaythai International Super Light-weight Championship
3min 5R
vs Mathias 7 MuayThai
Decision 2-1 ※49-48,48-49,49-48
※TEYON Became new Champion

The rocket star, TEYON who has been winning by KO on last 3 fights fought with former WBC Muaythai Super Feather Weight International Champion and WPMF World Light weight Champion, Mathias 7 Muaythai for WBC International Super Light Weight Championship.

1R, Mathias landed heavy middle kick on TEYON and TEYON fights back with low kick. Mathias provoke TEYON by showing that he is not hurt by TEYON’s kick. TEYON then land his punches.
2R, Both kicks each other as Mathias kicks middle kicks as to TEYON kicks low kicks, then try to capture Mathias by hook and body hook.
3R, TEYON maintain with middle kicks and punches as to Mathias remains by low and middle kicks.
4R, Mathias keeps kicking middle and low kick to as to TEYON put pressure by punches then both elbow strikes by the rope. TEYON’s elbow hit cut Mathias. Mathias maintain kicking middle and low kicks.
5R, Mathias keeps blocking TAYON’s punch and maintain kicking middle kicks which made TEYON to slow down.

The judge was split by 2-1

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai International Fly weight Championship
3min 5R
vs Siarhei Skiba
Decision 3-0 ※49-47,49-47,50-47
※TOMONORI Became new Champion

TOMONORI’s re-challenge for International Title after having shoulder surgery. Siarhei is also is very experience fighter with many titles.

1R, Siarhei put pressure on TOMONORI, but TOMONORI moves around and hit low kick to punches to milled kicks which was TOMONORI’S pace.
2R, TOMONORI hits the counter hook when Siarhei tried to hit TOMONORI by punches, then to flying knee. Siarhei got knock down from TOMONORI. TOMONORI maintain his distance which made Siarhei hard to land any strike.
3R, TOMONORI uses back steps to stay away from Siarhei’s attacks. TOMONORI’s hook landed on Siarhei then to elbow which made several cuts on Siarhei’s head.
4R and 5R, TOMONORI maintain by keeping distance which makes hard for Siarhei’s to land any attacks.

TOMONORI controlled the fight by mot getting any strike from Siarhei. As he really wanted this belt so much, he was in his tears when he got the belt on him by supervisor of WBC Muaythai, Timothey Dharmajiva

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

WBC Muaythai Japan Feather weight Championship
3min 5R
vs Sota Ichinohe
Decision 3-0 ※49-48,50-48,50-47
※MOMOTARO defended his title

1R、MOMOTARO started off by showing many techniques such as drop kick, spinning kick and back hand blow. Ichinohe, on the other hand, fought back with middle to low kick to clinching.

2R, MOMOTARO maintains his style using many steps and throw punches as to Ichinohe fights back with low kicks to punches
From 3R on, Ichinohe seems to have difficulty with MOMOTARO’s movement of steps. When Ichinohe comes forward, MOMOTARO back steps which made difficult for Ichinohe to land any strikes.
5R, both throws elbows but as MOMOTARO succeeded in maintaining his rhythm, he won the fight and defended his title.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

06/12/2016(Sun)Kurashiki-City, Okayama, Japan・Sanyo Height Hall

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Welter Weight Championship
3min 5R
Takeo Shigara vs Yuto Mariken ×
1R 1'21" KO (Right Cross Punch)
※ Takeo Shiraga became new Champion

From start, Shiraga fought very aggressively landed knee and elbow which made but on Meriken’s above eyebrow. Cross punch by Shiraga made Mariken to go down, was not able to stand by count 8. Shiraga became the new WBC Muaythai Super Welter Weight Champion with speed record of 1R 1’21”.

Photos by Keizo Takasaki

05/08/2016(Sun)Tokyo, Japan・Korakuen Hall

WBC Muaythai Japan Welter Weight Championship
KENTA vs Yuya Yamato ×
3-0 (49-47、49-47、49-46) ※ KENTA became Champion again.

It was the re-match from last year when Kenta lost his belt against Yuya after having 2 knock downs from Yuya, but cut on 5th round made TKO won by Yuya.

Both started slow in 1st round. Kenta started by kicks Yuya threw punches. 2R, Kenta makes punches followed by kicks, then Yuya remain throwing punches to get close in distance. 3R, Yuya’s body punch capture Kenta then punches by Kenta gets Yuya to be knock down. 4R, As Yuya comes forward, Kenta grabs the neck then to knee strikes and elbow. Yuya throws elbow as well which made cut on Kenta’s eyelid. Last round, Yuya fights back with punches and elbow to knock Kenta down but Kenta fights back with punches and elbows. Time up which one knock down made Kenta to win this time.

Belt returned to Kenta.

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki

03/06/2016(Sun)Ebina, Japan・Ebina Gymnasium

WBC Muaythai Japan Super Bantam Weight Championship
3min 5R
Hiroya Haga vs Takahiro ×
3-0 (49-48、49-47、48-47) Hiroya Haga became new Champion

From 1R both started very aggressively with various kicks.
Haga throughout all 5 rounds, threw his left middle kicks to keep distance from Takahiro who fought back with low kicks and punches.
Haga then gets to clinching to knee strikes when distance get closer
In the middle of the bout, Takahiro’s punches caught Haga, but Haga won the fight by throwing his left middle kicks until the very end of the bout.

Hiroya Haga became new WBC Muaythai Japan Super Bantam Weight Champion!

Photo by Yuichiro Suzuki